Mario Badescu at CVS Beauty 360

Yesterday after work, I was on my way to CVS to get 91% Isopropyl, so I can mix my brush cleaner and clean my brushes. I was also in need of my favorite facial mask: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. Since I had some time, I decided to go and visit the Beauty 360 that was recently opened in that particular CVS.

To my surprise, it was quite a large space and had several brands, including Cargo, Pop Beauty, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Mario Badescu. A whole section of shelves dedicated to the skincare items. I was in heaven.

Now, I know Mario Badescu is not that difficult to obtain - one can easily order it online or over the phone and voila - you will get it at your door in a week or so. Besides - they are the same price at Beauty 360 as they are on MarioBadescu.com

However, I like to see and touch the items I purchase, especially if I am purchasing a product I've never tried before. So long story short, I was very happy to find that I can now purchase Mario Badescu skincare in my local CVS, without the wait of the post office and their clumsiness.

While I was practically squealing around the shelves and trying to find a facial mask to suit me best, a saleswoman came up to me and informed me that with purchase of two products, you get a gift with deluxe size samples - either skincare or haircare - your choice.

As we all know, I am always for "try before you buy," because I always feel bad returning a product in case I don't like it, as they can no longer sell it and lose the money. So I decided on two products:

"Whitening Mask - $24" and
"Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater $7"

I was originally only after a facial mask, but since summer is so close, I decided to get a refreshing spray as well. It actually kind of reminds me of MAC's Fix+

Super fancy packaging for a drug store:

Whitening Mask and Facial Spray:

Gift with Purchase bag and products:

So overall, I had a fantastic rest of my day, because I knew once I ran out of any of my favorite products, I could just walk over to CVS and get more. Such a wonderful feeling. The less things I have to order online, the better!



  1. i didnt even think of doing that with the polymer!! thats a great idea. ooohhh sweet, i love deals like that! ok i have a dumb question...i just got these awesome makeup brushes...and idk what to clean them with. what would you recommend?

  2. oohh yea! thatd be awesome. my email is... badhabitgifts@yahoo.com thanks