Marine Life Highlight Powder by MAC

This post was meant to be posted on 5/27/10, however, since I am a lazy butt, it is posted now~

So, this baby sold out online in hours. Those who bought it later in the day of the release, got an Email from MAC, stating that it was sold out and will be re-stocked in a couple of weeks.

After looking at swatches for the longest time and not wanting to miss out as I did with Ripe Peach Ombre, I called my closest MAC counter, in the Capitola Mall's Macy's. I asked the girl if they had any "Marine Life" in stock, she chuckled and told me they had a few, and asked me if I would like to reserve one. I quickly jumped on the wagon and said "YES." She then took down my information and was absolutely sweet about everything. Just before we ended the conversation, she mentioned that there were a bunch of people lined up outside waiting for their Marine Life. I was ecstatic that she was so nice as to reserve one for me. I realize that it's probably not the nicest thing to do, especially that there are people already lined up for it, however, I've never reserved anything for that exact reason, and I always missed out on things, because I would never miss class for it.

So I am scheduled to drive to the mall after class at 6pm, and I am really hoping that they are indeed holding my Marine Life. After I visit the mall, update will follow:

Update: Drove to the mall and purposefully headed towards the MAC counter, where Marine Life was no longer on display. I headed to the counter and told the girl that I was there to pick up my hold items. Gave her my name and watched as she sifted through several bags full of To The Beach collection for others. When she saw I got Marine Life, she smiled and said "good choice, we only have four left." Which is kind of amazing. As soon as I got home, I had to take pictures, of course. Mostly because I know that it will not stay as beautiful as it is right now, therefore I must keep this as a memory.

Marine Life pr0n coming up:

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