De-potting MAC eyeshadows + Back 2 MAC

Decided to make yet another tutorial video while I was de-potting a batch of my MAC eye shadows.

I also realized how often MAC changes their "Back 2 MAC" policy. The most recent one I heard about was the shadow pots have to include their metal pans, which may be a problem for de-potting. However, I then realized that I have some left-over metal pans from way back when I used to press my pigments~

Simply replace the full shadow pan with an empty one and off to B2M it goes:

p.s For those of you who are unsure what "Back 2 MAC" means, it is their recycling program. If you bring 6 empty glass/plastic containers to a freestanding store, you will receive a free lipstick/lip gloss/eyeshadow of choice. You may also bring it to a MAC counter, however, I believe they will only exchange them for a lipstick.


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