MUSE concert, April 14, 2010

It is now April 25th...why did I hold off for so long to write about this most amazing night? Possibly because I could not believe it was over so fast...

To be honest, I was stoked, as it was my first concert ever (and by far, I am glad I lost my concert virginity to MUSE ;D) and was probably a bit more excited than I should have been for the nosebleed tickets we got.

But hey - it saved us in the long run. Why? Because for a whole hour, Silversun Pickups played their opener. I did not expect that, and even my mother reflected upon the heard music as "was it one song or was it just really bad?"

However, around 9pm, it was all made better by nothing other but UPRISING. The set went dark, with only lights illuminating the beautiful towers in the middle of the stage and the crowd went insane.

The setlist was as follows:
Uprising, Resistance, New Born, Map of the Problematique, Supermassive Black Hole, Hysteria, MK Ultra, United States of Eurasia, Feeling Good, Undisclosed Desires, Starlight, Unnatural Selection, Time is Running Out, Plug in Baby, Exogenesis pt.1, Stockholm Syndrome, Knights of Cydonia.

"Best Setlist Ever." as my brother put it.

I will also mention that during each transition, just as the first couple of notes were hit, my brother could identify the upcoming song. Sometimes, I am so proud of this little bugger. <3 you bro~ And now for some quick phone snaps in the dark. The reason why I didn't bring my camera is because I brought nothing else but a cell phone (and of course, my battery died before MUSE even got on stage), and my ticket. My brother holding his ticket, because it is AWESOME:

The ridiculously long line for the merchandise, which I ended up standing in...I really wanted that shirt ;D

Finally got the shirt. And found the seats. WOOHOO! So Paul decided to eat the shirt. Nooo~

Although I did not believe it at first, every single seat was filled:

Next time, I will hopefully be able to snatch up some mosh-pit tickets. I was fairly "grr" at people who did not appreciate having those and ended up acting up like jerks and got kicked out. But on the other hand - HAH. That's what they get.

And now, about a week after I started writing this, I will end it at that. I don't think I can write more without getting the nostalgic feeling and creating a playlist to reflect the setlist.

I promise to be back with some awesome tutorials,

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