OPI Acrylics and current favourite

In my recent haul, I mentioned purchasing OPI acrylic set from a salon pro store. I ended up doing my nails last night with the said set and they turned out pretty well, considering that it was my first time using a set such as this one.

On the back of the box, it says "Blah blah, professional use only. Not for sale to general public blah." That's for a reason. However, if you have gotten your nails done before, you will most likely be able to figure out the steps, especially that the set comes with complete instructions. Super helpful!

On the other hand, you will not be able to get the set, unless you go to a pro store OR you buy the set on eBay. For reference, I paid $25 for the set at the pro store, so don't get ripped off, okay ;p

Anyway. I admit that it took me about 2 hours, but that's because I am terrible with my left hand. I think I will practice writing with my left hand, so I can stop shaking so much once it actually matters...That aside, this is what my nails turned out to be:

I could have definitely done better, but I used natural tips with a pink powder, which made a visible line on my nails, so I decided to cover the whole nail with polish. Maybe once I take these off, I will simply use the acrylic to strengthen my natural nails and watch them grow :)

I should probably mention that it stinks quite a bit and to please, please, please do your nails by an open window. Otherwise you may pass out :\

If you remember, during that haul, I also got the most beautiful color of nail polish EVER. OPI's Smitten with Mittens is now my new favourite:

And just so that the whole post is not just makeup, here, have some food pix ;D

I love taking pictures of food. Probably because I love food and can't get enough (fatty talk, haha).


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