Dog walk and outing

My family owns a Doberman Pinscher. His name is Joker and he is only 4 months old. I woke up this morning, and was invited to go to a hike with my family, then possibly a dog park. After breakfast, I agreed, because I don't get to see the little bugger, since I am at the University most of the time.

Right after we entered the hike park, there were these little bird statues that I fell in love with:

The park has loads of ducks and geese and naturally their poop. The walk was a mine field, but our big puppy seemed to enjoy himself. Since the last time I saw him, he has improved his behavior and can now walk next to me on a leash without being rebellious:

The most amazing part, however, was the Dog Park. It is a semi-large fenced off area filled with dogs and their owners. there are a couple of benches to sit down, but other than that, just dirt and dogs. I was kind of wary at first, since Joker was bullying his mates at the dog training yesterday morning, but my worries were put to rest when I saw him try and pick a fight and get shot down. I believe the fact that most of the dogs present were no longer puppies and were older than Joker helped him behave like a playful dog instead of a bully. He interacted with both larger and smaller dogs and there were no problems. Yay.

When we got home, he immediately plopped himself on his favorite rug in our living room, right under the window, where the sun shines constantly. He was extremely exhausted.

And I was hungry. So Paul and I decided to walk downtown for some Chinese food. We ended up going to Chef Liu's, as it was absolutely empty, and they seem to have remodeled since the last time I've been there:

After ordering, we decided to make silly faces and pose for my camera:

Paul and his silly duck face, and me with my "I am pretending not to notice that you are taking a picture of me" face:

I ended up following my white instincts and ordered Sweet and Sour pork, which ended up being most delicious!

Paul got Mongolian lamb, which I decided to kidnap for a bite or two, and it was better than I expected, aside from there being huge chunks of fat. Bleh.

And what is a complete meal at a Chinese restaurant without one of these:

The fortunes never fail to amuse me. I feel like I should get a whole batch of fortune cookies just for the laughs at fortunes...and the cookie ;D

One of the weirdest things, though...while writing up our check, the waitress rounded UP our order to the nearest dollar before adding tax...so it was:

Pork - 8.95, Lamb - 10.95. She rounded that up to 20, THEN added tax and THEN rounded up to the nearest dollar again.

No, I am not bothered by the added 10 cents to my order, but it is kind of hilarious when you think about it. And I do know people who would get into a fight over the 10 c. Meh, I guess it is the establishment's choice. Personally, I don't think it's worth it.

We then walked back home, and went shopping with mother. I must admit, I did not plan buying anything, as Paul was the one in need of shoes, but I ended up leaving with a skirt and a T-shirt, which I will model later~

Now dinner time, and I must go take a nap. SO exhausted. Although, I feel like I may talk Paul into watching "Taken" tonight. It's been over a month since we planned to watch it~


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