Catch-up and haul

I was going to write things yesterday, but it did not end up as exciting as I had planned. Given, I did end up going out for Japanese food and to Daiso to pick up things I do not need, but for some reason want, however, the day was not as productive as I wish it has been.

After running some errands, Paul and I went out to Dancy Sushi, because we were craving some Udon. I ordered plain Udon and he ordered chicken one. Best thing about Dancy Sushi is that they give you pickled things at the beginning of your meal, as well as deep fried salmon in spicy sauce. NOM! Aaaand our meals came with a salad:

My plain Udon ended up being as plain as I wanted it, but it made me realize that I do not even like Udon to begin with :\

I think it is a nostalgia thing. That's probably why the craving, but the distaste for said dish. I would absolutely trade it for a good bowl of Pho~

Daiso was quite successful. I, of course, ended up buying a million stationary items that I am in no need of. But hey - those of you who are expecting letters from me soon, I promise I will utilize these very soon ;D
I also picked up some extra items to use in contests or giveaways later on. Stay tuned~

Now, switch to today!
I went out to get some acrylic nail supplies in the morning (since I am still trying to learn how to do my own nails ;D), so I borrowed my mother's membership card to pro-only stores and went off to find me some nail supplies!

Unfortunately for me, the UV lamp I was planning to get (IBD 1000) was $125, which means it was $40 more than I would pay if I ordered it online (shipping included!). I decided to pass on that. I then went to yet another pro store and ended up picking up an acrylic set from OPI, which contains Liquid Monomer, Color Powder in perfect white, Color Powder in translucent pink, disposable nail forms, bonding agent, nail antiseptic solution, most amazing tabletop instructions (laminated for convenience!), instructional brochure, and another pamphlet with tips for perfect acrylic nails. It's actually pretty amazing for $25, I would say. I feel like it is a much better deal than you would get at Sally's and the quality of the acrylic is better, as well. I will end up writing more once I try the kit out!

Lastly, as I was about to check out, I noticed one lonely OPI nail polish in its row and it was the MOST amazing color of ANYTHING I have ever seen, so I picked it up. I did not care what it was called or why it was there, I just fell in love. The color name is "smitten with mittens" and it is my new best friend. Swatches coming up ;D

I should also mention that I was looking for a nail drill, so that I would not have to manually file down my acrylics, which would be a pain. Unfortunately, none of the pro stores carried them, so I found my way to Sally's.

To my non-surprise, they did have UV lamps and drills, however, they were very sloppy looking as well as incredibly pricey. No name brand drill was over $160!!! No thank you, I thought, so I just got myself some IBD gel items: nail dehydrator, natural nail primer, clear gel and lastly a bottle of Seche Vite, since I heard so many good things about it. Not to forget (because I almost did, heh), I also got a #8 sable acrylic brush at Sally's for pretty cheap. I feel like spending $40+ on an OPI brush is an amazing idea if you are a pro. However, when you begin doing your own nails, I feel like a lesser-quality brush will suffice.

I came home and ordered the IBD 1000 lamp, as well as a nail drill online, in hopes that they will both arrive before the end of the week, so I can try them on my nails before school starts ;D We'll see how that goes, and I will post more about the items once I actually get my hands on them~

I spent the rest of the time helping my mother wash the lawn furniture along with Paul, until I was picked up by a couple of my co-workers and friends to go shopping.

Naturally, a mall trip is nothing without purchasing the most amazing items one can find, and these were mine:

Forever 21: It's just a cat. On a shirt. Nothing to it. A random cat. Aaaaand some hair accessories, and a pair of dangly earrings (I don't own many earrings, I realized)

Wet Seal: We were about to pass the store, when I saw it. It hit me like a...giant pink shirt with a seal's face on it! Oh, wait...I had to have it! My obsession with sea creatures will drive me broke one day--

Clinique: My first Clinique purchase! Moisturizing lotion pour moi~ With my combination skin, it is amazingly hard to find a moisturizer that will not make me oily and break out all over, and at the same time leave my skin soft and not dry. So one of my friends, a frequent user of the brand, suggested I try it, since our skin is somewhat similar. I thought I could throw down $24, as the moisturizer felt nice and the bottle was fairly large and would last quite a bit. Best part? You get a gift set with a $21.50 and over purchase! Yay for Bonus Time! So I ended up leaving with my moisturizer and a bag of goodies. The bag of goodies seduced me, I need help ;p

OH! And I absolutely forgot about this: Target has a collab with Liberty of London! Some of the things are pretty cute, considering that they will match the Liberty of London MAC items. This is the negligee I ended up buying:

This would be all for today. I hope I did not tire you out! Oh, almost forgot about my FOTD today. I did not edit anything in these photos, so excuse my oily skin after a long day...

And now I am off,


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