Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

As oh-so-many of you know, Urban Decay came out with an Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows on January 15th. Unfortunately, I missed the window and did not get to order mine until they pre-released it at Sephora.

I called Sephora's 1-800 number on January 22nd and placed an order for the palette. The nice lady told me it will ship around the 26th or the 27th. To my surprise, I got a shipment confirmation on the 25th and I have been tracking it every day since.

Today I came home to the long-awaited Sephora package on my desk (boyfriend signed for it), so I rushed to get a knife and rip open the package.

Inside, amongst the many samples and an extra package of samples for for oily skin (promo), I found tons and tons of tissue paper compressed around the palette. And it was gorgeous. Not having any Urban Decay products, I found that I did not expect it to be as large as it was, and that was a nice surprise :3

Have some pictures to make it less boring:

If you own Urban Decay products (especially their Book of Shadows and palettes), you may notice the similarity between the shades listed here and the shades you own. Why? Because they are simply renamed permanent line shadows to fit the theme of AiW. Wonder what they are? Here you go:

--Underland [Flash]
--Alice [Painkiller]
--Oraculum [Baked]
--Queen [Last Call]
--Chessur [Chopper)
--White Rabbit [Polyester Bride]
--Wonderland [Maui Wowie]
--Curiouser [Grifter]
--Muchness [X]
--Mushroom [Mushroom]
--Midnight Tea Party [Midnight Cowboy Rides Again]
--Vorpal [S&M]
--Absolem [Homegrown]
--Drink Me Eat Me [Sin]
--Mad Hatter [Twice Baked]
--Jabberwocky [Oil Slick]

The palette also comes with two Travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. One in Zero and one in Flipside as well as an Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin [mini].

So "How do you justify spending $52 on this palette, knowing that the shades already exist and you can buy all of these things any day?" Well, I cannot answer for everybody, but having NO other UD products at all, and loving Alice, Tim Burton and makeup, I believe this is a pretty good investment. If you do own the shadows, however, I may consider skipping this product, unless you are an absolute fanatic (which is fine too - don't get me wrong ;p).

For those of you who are still confused as to what I am babbling about, here's the Urban Decay link to Alice BOS: Click Me and here is the Sephora page, where you may order your own right now: Follow Me.

This would be all for today,

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