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Hello there, lovelies. It's review time!
Today's review: The Brush Guard from TheBrushGuard.com.

Disclaimer: I have been sent this product by the company for a review. However, all of my reviews are my own honest opinions, regardless of whether I purchase the item or get it sponsored.

First off, I would like to say that the owners of TheBrushGuard.com are wonderful. They answered my questions very quickly, and on a weekend, which is impressive. After Diane contacted me and let me know that the package was on the way, it took two days for me to receive it, which is pretty fast. I love getting packages--

Back on track, now...
I opened the package to the following:

There were two (2) packages of the Variety pack brush guards (6 brush guards - all of different sizes), and a brochure, explaining how to make the best use of your Brush Guards.

I opened one of the packages straight away (I am going to keep the second one for a contest for my followers later on...), as I desperately needed to wash my brushes (yes, I did wait to wash them, just so I could use the brush guards--)

I washed my brushes as I usually do (please refer to my brush cleaning routine for more information), and then opened the brochure included in the package, and read on...

I slipped on the brush guards, starting with my large powder brush and the largest guard included. It fit pretty snug and I put it bristles-down in a glass, as recommended. I then did the same with the rest of my brushes and soon the glass was full:

I let them dry overnight and came back in the morning to check up on them. First, I took out my MAC and Sigma brushes, which seemed to dry off very well and retained their shape, so I was impressed. I then proceeded to take the guards off of the rest of my brushes (Borghese, Coastal Scents), but found them to be more than just damp. I decided to let them dry a little bit more and left for school.

To my disappointment, when I came back, they were still quite damp, so I took off the brush guards and let them air-dry on their own. That seemed to work a bit better.

What I can conclude from this: If you have high quality brushes (MAC, Sigma, Lançome etc.), I would suggest you at least try out the brush guard. It will prolong the life and the original shape of your brushes and will make them dry fairly quickly. Another good thing is - when you dry them bristles-down, the water drips off the bristles, instead of seeping in between the metal and the wood part, loosening the glue. That would be bad and fairly expensive to replace.

However, if you have brushes of somewhat lesser quality (like my beloved Costco Holiday Borghese brushes, for example. Or Coastal Scents and similar), you may want to save up for brushes first before buying this product. As much as I love my cheaper brushes, I know they are not meant to last long (no matter how well you care for them), and I did not see any improvement with using the brush guard with them as opposed to drying them the good ol' way.

Another thing to consider...the brush guard does not come in irregular shapes, so if you own a MAC 184 brush (fan brush), you are darn out of luck until they come out with one--

All in all - it is a great investment if you have pricey brushes that you'd like to keep looking newer for a longer time. If you possess the lesser quality brushes, however, I would suggest holding off on this purchase, as it is not a necessary investment in this case :)

In closing: I would like to thank Diana of TheBrushGuard.com for providing me with the Variety Pack product to review, and I, myself, will be making a purchase of the brush guard (in Ex. Small for my countless shadow brushes!) in the near future.

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