I never fail to be disappointed in them.

For instance, take this example into consideration:

A person in need is asking for help from anyone who can, so I help out as much as I am able to (financially). This person exhibits incredible gratitude with the assurance that this gesture will not be forgotten.

Not a week later, I realize that I could use some help myself, but the given person ends up just shoving that aside and ignoring me.

To me, it does not matter whether this situation happens between family, friends, or people I have just met. I love to help out as much as I can, but I generally expect that when I need help, it will also be extended to me. I guess I am way too wrong.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, but I thought better of the person. Just disappointed, I guess.

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  1. Hey huni just saw your comment on my blog thanks I sent her a message on yt, she said she was going to return my swap items as she hadnt used them?? So I guess I'll just watch this space & see if thats the case xoxox