Mario Badescu Free Samples for everyone :D

So, running around the internet as I so often do, I came across an interesting fact:

Some pricey cosmetics companies are more than willing to give you their samples (and pretty generous amounts at that), so you would fall in love and buy their products.

Every time I visit a MAC counter, for example, I get a sample of something I'd like to try out. Of course, I'd hate to abuse this, but I learned with MAC that most of the face products don't works for me so well. Shadows and such are lovely, but foundations, mattifiers and primers are a killer for my pores. So instead of purchasing an item, hating it and returning it, I decided to get samples first - which makes just too much sense. Many times I end up buying the product (mostly concealers and pigments), but there are times where I am glad I did not consider this further.

/Off topic.

I found that Mario Badescu has a Questionnaire which you can fill out to have products matched to your skin tone and if you allow it, have sample products sent to you.

At first I shrugged it off after filling out the questionnaire and forgot all about the samples. About three weeks later, I received a package containing samples that were quite surprising in size. I opened the package to find these contents:

I was pleasantly surprised, because I did want to try the line, but it was quite pricey to go hit-and-miss. As of right now, I cannot say whether I like it or not, as it has not yet been long enough, but I will post a review as soon as I try the products out.

If you'd like to fill out a questionnaire and get your own product samples, please go
HERE and follow the instructions :)


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