CCO/CCS and MAC Cosmetics

I visited a CCO/CCS (Cosmetic Company Outlet/Cosmetic Company Store) at the Gilroy Outlet mall (CA) this weekend, as I heard quite a few good things about CCOs.

It took about an hour and a half to drive there and I enjoyed my time there, as I went with my family and boyfriend. Unfortunately for me, the CCS at the Gilroy Outlet mall was quite disappointing. Aside from the Hello Kitty palettes, it had outrageously old stuff, that it was kind of embarrassing. No MSFs, about 5 pigments, a brush case from about 3 years ago and items that I haven't even heard of...

Ugh. Me being the way I am, I decided that driving an hour and a half and leaving empty-handed was a waste, so I ended up purchasing a Mineralized blush in INTENSO, pigments in MUTINY and REFLECTS BLACKENED RED.

This did not satisfy my craving for MAC (besides, they did not have any of the things I came to look for!), so I ended up dragging my boyfriend to the closest mall with a MAC counter.

After standing in a huuuge line (what was up with that, I wonder...), I left with an EMPTY QUAD, eyeshadows in SATIN TAUPE and SHOWSTOPPER and a sample of their SELECT COVERAGE concealer.

For those of you who don't know yet, I am trying to collect every piece that came out with the Smoke Signals collection (which was before I was into MAC :\). Sadly, the "SMOKING" quad is so well loved that nobody is willing to give theirs up and it is long sold out everywhere...

So I decided to piece mine together :D So far I have "Next to Nothing," "Satin Taupe," and "Showstopper." Too bad "Smoking" is the hardest one to get. BUT I SHALL SUCCEED :3

Currently I am missing:
LIPSTICKS: Brew, Barely Lit, Sparks can Fly, Mellow Flame, Burnin.
SHADOWS: Smoking.
KOHL POWER: Orepheus, Raven (I might actually skip these...)
BLUSH: Ablaze, Emote
PIGMENTS: (Have all <3) POLISHES: Wildfire. If any of you have any of these that you are willing to part with, please let me know and I can purchase them off you :3 Now that I am sure you are all tired of my mumblings, you are welcome to take a look at my stash :D


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  1. hey! i know this post was from a while back, but i actually live close to gilroy outlets. i went there about two months ago (early march? maybe end of february) and bought burnin' (the lipstick) from there. i looooove it, and i don't know if you're willing to drive an hour and a half again just to check but i'm sure if you call in you can find out if they have any more. i went back about a month ago and they still had one on display, so maybe they'll still have some left :) just thought i'd let you know, good luck completing your collection!