Bad drivers and awful roads

I visited my family this weekend, and they live about 45minutes away. We had a great time and all, and it's Sunday, therefore it is time to go back to Uni apartment.

For those of you who know what it is, I have to take HWY 17, so it is super twisted, very narrow, has only two lanes going one way and a pretty scary-looking divided in the middle of the highway. Well, I have to take that every time I visit my family (awful, AWFUL highway!)

About 35minutes into the trip or so, there is an onramp onto the HWY 17, where there is another lane for about 1/4 of a mile, so cars can merge. At this point, I am going about 55mph (60mph limit) in the leftmost lane - away from the merge lane. On my right - another lane, and a merge lane next to it. On my left - another car's width and a cement divider. I keep going, minding my own business, then out of nowhere, the car in the merge lane decides to merge across the whole damn freeway into me.

For a second, I thought I was going to die and take my boyfriend with me (he was in the passenger seat). The woman in the car (mind you, I was driving an Acura TL, and she was driving a somewhat large SUV-like thing, so there's no question that I would lose the "battle" if it came to it...) did not look to see whether or not there were cars around her, nor did she merge one lane at a time. She obviously thought that she had the right of way in everything and did not need to look. At all...

So what happened is we were RIGHT next to each other and she was about an inch away from merging into me, when I slammed my hand on the honker and swerved to my left, as I sped up to avoid her merging into me.

I don't know what happened to her, as I was a bit more concerned with my car and not dying, but after I calmed down a bit, my boyfriend told me that she freaked out, and swerved to her left sharply after throwing her arms in the air.

Long story short, I pretty much saved at least 3 lives, two cars, and hours of traffic that would have occurred had we collided (remember: this is a TWO LANE highway).

It is by sheer luck that the divider on my left was this far away from me. For most of the highway, however, the divider is about an elbow's length away (if not less) from your car. I consider myself extremely lucky right now, along with a bit of pride for my reflexes, but mostly I am thankful that nothing happened.

There is a lesson to be learned from this, guys: Look over your goddamn shoulder when merging, please . It will avoid so many problems. If the woman had even considered for a moment that there may be other cars on this highway (duh?), one head-turn and she would have avoided this.

Ugh. I am still somewhat shaking D:


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