MUA, Swapping, Swaplifters and loss

I found Make Up Alley (makeupalley.com) after people have been raving about it all over the internet, and joined on 12/8/2009. I immediately found the "swap" area and was quite excited to join the hype.

As soon as I listed a couple of items, people were messaging me, wanting to swap. It was great. I made some deals and sent some items and looked up things I need. It was great.

I then found a person with a MAC 187 brush, which I desperately want, and who was willing to swap for my 3 MAC eyeshadow pans (FIG 1, Beautiful Iris and Créme de Violet). This sounded very reasonable to me, but the person in question only had one or two tokens (given, at the time I had one). Since that was the case, I requested that we same around roughly the same time, so it is fair for both of us.

I agreed to send on Monday, December 14th given that she will send hers on Tuesday night, December 15th (apparently she was busy because of the finals).

I sent the package Monday morning, including the Delivery Confirmation on my package. I was tracking the package every day, waiting for her to send her end. Tuesday passed. So did Wednesday and it is now Thursday night. I checked up on the tracking info again and voila: the package arrived at her place today.

I emailed her, asking her to send mine quickly, so I can get my end of the bargain, and then went to MUA to check the last time she visited the site. But guess what: yep. Her account was deleted. GREAT! I thought. So, I searched her user-name in the "search" bar on MUA and lo and behold: there is a swap notepad with her name in it from another member. Of course, the other member warns everyone against this person. Oh, damn, I thought and contacted this other member.

I will not disclose her information for safety reasons, but I will say that she was very helpful. She agreed that I was most likely swaplifted and recommended that I join "swaptawk" and report this person to the local police, as well as internet fraud authorities.

Well, I now have filed my charges, and emailed her local police department. However, I am doubtful that anything will come out of this. Honestly, I just want to warn the rest of you against this person and make sure she does not get any more items from any of you.

And in order to do that, I will list all the information on her that I have. Go at it:
(Authorities, please note: I am displaying this information because I have been robbed by this person and I want some justice. If you would rather take it into your own hands, please contact me and I will take the information down.)

MUA user: macislove3, thepunkprincess35
Email: kamis3@yahoo.com, punkprincess35@yahoo.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePunkPrincess35
Twitter: http://twitter.com/PunkPrinces35
Name: Cammie Swolgaard
Cell Phone #: 360-204-8826
12969 Burchard DR. SW.
Port Orchard, WA 98367

I will be updating on this when (if) anything at all happens.


  1. awww im sorry boo =[ stupid swaplifters >;[

  2. Hi I too have been swaplifted by this girl (if you can call her that) I sent some Mac & Urban Decay items to her around the same date that you did, when I didnt receive mine I looked at her MUA account & it was deleted sooo annoyed is an understatement, its been playing on my mine for ages now :( I found your blog & this post when I googled her MUA name, I was going to email you but I dont see an email address I blog too btw just wondering if you could advise me on what to do I dont want her to get away with this, hope to hear from you soon Kerry xoxo