Konad Nail Art

I am sure that most (if not all of you) have heard of the Konad Stamping Nail Art. Now, after pondering for a while now, I decided to try it out for myself. Luckily, I came across wowsocool.com and since they are located somewhat near me, I decided to order a couple of things.
First thing I ordered was the so called "S-Set" View it on KonadUSA. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I looked, I could not find a clear description of what exact products are inside it: all I knew was that it contained the M2 image plate, white special polish, stamp and a scraper. Since this is all you really need to begin, I decided to give it a try, since I thought that buying a kit would be cheaper.
Oh, was I wrong...

First of all, the polish it comes with is TINY. It is less than half the amount of the regular sized special polishes. I am not sure how long this will last me, but this is definitely not a good starter, especially for the WHITE color.

Second, I was expecting to get the two-sided stamper, but it turns out that it is this tiny one-sided one, with only the large side. Basically, if I want to use the M2 image plate it came with, it would be too large, as the images on the M2 are tiny.

After the initial disappointment wore off, I decided to do the math and see if I really paid less or at least the same amount that this would cost a la carte.

To my absolute horror, I realized how wrong I was and that I was slightly ripped off...
I am going to show you my math, in order to illustrate my point.

The kit contains:
- M2 image plate
- White special polish (5ml)
- One-sided stamper + scraper

These are the prices a la carte:
- Image plate: $6.99
- White polish: $6.99/11ml ($0.635/ml = $3.18/5ml)
- One-sided stamper + scraper: $4.99

What I should have paid, if ordering separate items:
- Image plate: $6.99
- TINY polish: $3.18
- One-sided stamper + scraper : $4.99
TOTAL: $15.16

Now, I know this is not a big difference at all, but it just seems like the kit would be slightly cheaper than buying items separately, right? Apparently not. Besides, it also comes with a super simple image plate that I will probably end up not using. So if any of you are thinking of ordering one of the S-Sets, just like I did - think again. Order the two-sided stamper, a regular sized special polish, and an image plate you actually like.

As a review for the WowSoCool itself, I must say that they are extremely efficient. I placed my order either Friday night or Saturday morning, and they sent me an eMail couple of hours later, letting me know that my order would ship Monday. And it did, of course, arriving at my house on Tuesday. I was impressed, but I guess it's not so impressive when you realize that they are located only a couple of cities away.

Overall, if you are interested in trying out Konad, I would recommend purchasing through WowSoCool.com, but be sure that you are ordering what you want, because otherwise you will end up like me: with a tiny polish, a huge stamp and a useless template that I cannot use with the given stamp.



  1. I have ordered off wowsocool.com three times and love everything. There service is great and you can enter a code to get 30% off and shipping is only $2 under $20 and free over $20.
    I bought the kit first off ebay before I did the research. I now get great deals through wowsocool.com. :)
    I'm having a blast.
    Have you tried Konading yet?
    I'll be following your blog,
    Susie in northern NY

  2. thanks for the info! (and for leaving a comment on my blog ^^) I'll be sure to check the website!

  3. Have you tried the Konad yet? I'm having a blast with it.